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Wild Goose Qigong

Wing Chun Kung Fu

Chun Yuen Quan

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Sifu Natasha Etheridge

Natasha Etheridge

Improving Health and Mind

When I began Wild Goose Qigong with Sifu Helen Howes , both my health and posture were in a bad way. I could just touch my knees, never mind my toes and I carried a bag of medicine around with me, which included inhalers. On seeing Sifu and how she was so flexible and healthy, I was amazed that this had all come through Qigong training.

After practising for some years, I still am amazed by the improvements in my health and outlook has changed. Now I don’t use medicines and inhalers, and I have strength to deal with whatever life throws my way and the energy to enjoy it.

Now my health was good I felt ready for more training. I had purchased Master Tse and Grandmaster Ip Chun’s Wing Chun Kung Fu book a year or so before and it appealed to me as women to learn something for self defence and health. So when Sifu Mike Baker said he would be teaching monthly classes in Norwich I went along.


Way of Life

Sifu encouraged us to practice more and so some of us would either meet at each other’s home or early in the park before going to work to do Chi Sau together. Also we would go to seminars and Wing Chun Residential Course held by Master Tse. All this helped me tremendously.

Wing Chun Kung Fu has brought a clearer mind and heart and I feel good after practice, grounded and healthy. I’m a person who see all problems as a lesson for growth, so I would apply Wing Chun thinking to not only self defence, but also different problems in life. Stay relaxed and patient, waiting for the change to come, and it always does. In the process new opportunities present themselves, so no time was ever wasted. It was all part of my learning.
Now as a teacher myself, I am constantly thinking of ways to help my student improve further. To pass on these traditional skill is a both challenging, but seeing my student growing in improving is very rewarding.
I would like to thank both my Sifu’s for coming into my life and their guidance and patience has helped me become a healthier, stronger and more positive person.

To my Sigong, Master Michael Tse and Sitai Jessica Tse for their encouragement, advice and steadfastness and to all the senior students who have helped me on my journey and who continue to do so.
And finally, I would like also to thank my students, who work to improve their own health, for their loyalty to the class and for their good hearted attitude. May we continue to learn and grow healthy together.

Sifu Natasha Etheridge

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